IFSC Expand World Cup Level Coverage of European Continental Cups

Crowd watch the Boulder qualification at the Munich 2022 European Championship
Munich held the last European Championship in 2022 © Dimitris Tosidis/IFSC

The IFSC will live stream the “vast majority” of European Continental Cups on the new IFSC Europe YouTube Channel as the IFSC expands coverage of Europe Continental CupsAs the IFSC expands its coverage of European Continental Cups, it will live stream the “vast majority” of them on the new IFSC Europe YouTube Channel.

The first Continental Cup will be a Speed event hosted in Lubin, Poland. In 2024, there will be seven Continental Cups.

The Climbing and Paraclimbing European Championships, held in Villars, Switzerland, will be the season's peak from 24th August to 1st September.

Date Location Disciplines
- 16 March Lubin, Poland Speed
26 – 27 April Klagenfurt, Austria Boulder
25 May Mezzolombardo, Italy Speed
21 – 22 June Augsburg, Germany Lead & Speed
24 June Innsbruck, Austria Speed
13 – 15 September Bologna, Italy Lead & Speed
5 – 6 October Genova, France Boulder

There will also be eight Youth Continental Cups. The Youth European Championships is scheduled in Troyes (France) from 25 to 29 September.

Date Location Disciplines
17 March Lubin, Poland Speed
5 – 7 April Curno, Italy Boulder
20 – 21 April Soure, Portugal Boulder
3 – 5 May Graz, Austria Boulder
24–25 May Mezzolombardo, Italy Speed
13 – 14 July Dornbrin, Austria Lead
19 – 21 July Žilina, Slovakia Lead & Speed
21 - 22 September Ostermundigen, Switzerland Lead

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