IFSC World Cup Climbers share their journeys toward the Paris 2024 Olympics

Plus, Keqiao boulder analysis, routesetting and competition ticket updates.

IFSC World Cup Climbers share their journeys toward the Paris 2024 Olympics

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I also track where you can buy competition tickets during the World Cup season.

This week was a bumper week of content. We got multiple interviews with World Cup Climbers and a breakdown of the Keqiao Boulder World Cup semi-final boulders. We also got a peak behind-the-scenes at routesetting and training.

This weekend, the Boulder European Cup in Klagenfurt, Austria, is ongoing, and next weekend, we have the Boulder and Speed World Cup in Salt Lake City, USA. The first Olympic Qualifier is in 3 weeks in Shanghai.

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International Climbing Competition Tickets

The competition season has started, so here is the rundown of where you can find World Cup and OQS tickets.

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